Wingman: Allowing you to drink responsibly.

There’s a new app in the Apple app store called Wingman. And while the app’s direct use isn’t getting you laid (though that might happen) it will get you home safe.

When you go out to the bars for shots or hang out with friends wine and cheese night, Wingman is there to let you know your Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC. Basically, you type in what you’re drinking throughout the night and Wingman will give you an estimated BAC. You’ll get notifications such as “feeling it” in relation to your BAC while it keeps track of how many drinks you’ve had.

The app also works on smart watches, like theĀ Apple Watch and Pebble Smart Watch so you don’t accidentally send embarrassing texts with your phone.

The app was developed by Bellevue-based Teku Industries, and will be released in the US this month. For May, the app will cost 99 cents, then it will be bumped up to $1.99, which is a small price to pay to make sure you don’t end up going home with Ryan Gosling and waking up to Steve Buscemi.

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