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The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

5 Things You Didn’t Know A StartUp Needed

After working as a startup for a good while now, we at Prizmiq wanted to pass on some of our tech-startup wisdom to you all. Here is a list of the Top 5 things you didn’t know your start up needed.

1. Windows

No, we’re not talking about Microsoft. We mean those actual glass squares in walls that allow sunlight in and can let you see what the weather is like without using AccuWeather or Weather Puppy. Windows allow natural light to keep your body awake and is way less glaring than fluorescents. It also gives everyone in the office a chance to say “Hey, it’s nice out, let’s work outside.” The camaraderie that blooms when the sun comes out makes for excellent office morale.

The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

2. Office Dog(s)

While this employee won’t be on your payroll, a canine HR rep can boost office morale. Bringing them in also encourages brief 5-10 minute stretches and exercising to take the dog out. Most office spaces don’t allow dogs, however, so make sure you find a space that’s dog-friendly. Also, keep them in a separate room during meetings with investors or prospects.

3. A Watering Hole

Working at a startup can be stressful, so it’s important to blow off some steam either at a coffee place that knows your order by heart, a bar that knows your name or a restaurant with good cheap food. Make sure it’s within walking distance so everyone can go, but far enough away you won’t be forced to think only about the business.

4. Pump Up Playlist

Music has the power to put you in a good mood or bad one, depending on which genre you choose to listen to. Before an important pitch to investors, put on a playlist that instills confidence in your team so they can perform their best during the meeting.

5. Something to Distract You

Listicles and quizzes online can give you a mini break while working on projects. We hope this list brought you a brief moment of sanity from your hectic startup life, now get back to work!


Introducing 3D Product Imaging

Seattle, WA – May 13, 2014 – Seattle start-up 3D Product Imaging has proudly announced the next wave of online customer interaction with their patent-pending 3D scanning process and interactive online viewer. Designed to create a more engaging customer experience, 3D Product Imaging is the first to offer a high-quality, fully rotational, seamless 3D image for online retailers.

From their experience at Amazon’s product imaging department, 3D Product Imaging’s founders have observed firsthand that advanced viewing technology increases the time a customer spends on a product page, produces a higher conversion rate, and reduces product returns. “After years of research,” commented co-founder Darrick Morrison, “we have finally found a way to replicate the in-store purchase experience online by giving customers total control of their viewing experience.”

3D Product Imaging offers a full scanning-to-viewing solution, including a very lightweight, cross-browser, no plugins required, interactive image viewer at prices comparable to existing product 360-degree photography and demo videos. With built-in behavior tracking and heat mapping, 3D Product Imaging is able to capture rich data about how customers interact with a product.

This cutting-edge technology offers brands the opportunity to get ahead of the competition by being among the first to embrace this exciting new technology. The company is now preparing to launch this product in the hands of a few initial clients and are looking for more first movers. We invite you to learn more by reaching out to us at www.3dproductimaging.com or contacting our CEO, Darrick Morrison, at darrick@3dproductimaging.com.

About 3D Product Imaging, Inc.

Established in 2013, 3D Product Imaging, Inc. is a Seattle-based startup revolutionizing the online product sales space. Pairing photo-realistic 3D product scanning with an interactive viewing experience, 3D Product Imaging offers online brands the ability to increase customer engagement to fuel greater conversions and reduce the number of product returns. From the 9Mile Labs accelerator, 3D Product Imaging is working closely with some of Seattle’s best entrepreneurial leaders. With experience from some of Seattle’s best startups including Amazon and Tableau, the founders are ready to hit the ground running, working with ecommerce brand partners to launch the technology on sites later this spring.