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Wearables: The Good, The Innovative and The Weird

With our modern day technology looking more and more like it’s headed toward a Jetson-like future, wearable technology is becoming more common, but still impressive. Below are some examples of wearable tech we are excited about:

sony smartwatch 3The Smart Watch:

There are many different types of Smart Watches on the market right now from many different tech companies, including Apple, Android, LG, Samsung and others. Displays can be color or black and white and all can be compatible with your phone. They can alert you to calls, display and send texts and a variety of other things. It’s basically a watch that can replace parts of your phone, which replaced your analog watch initially. According to Wearable.com, the best overall Smart Watch is the Sony SmartWatch 3 (pictured).

The Manus:

A huge game changer, the Manus, is the first consumer VR data-glove. Think NES Power Glove,manus but it works. The Manus was revealed at E3 2015 is expected to be released in early 2016. The glove is compatible with Android 4.4 and up, and uses Bluetooth to make the gloves completely wireless and accurate hand tracking. The software is completely open-sourced and the fingers in the glove are tracked by integrated flex sensors. Though Manus is focused on VR, the gloves can be used with any PC game that uses a mouse and keyboard, incuding The Elder Scrolls, Portal 2, and WoW and LoL with the mouse. The Manus is definitely something to keep an eye on in the coming quarters.

Smart Scarf:

SWARMThis is where wearables get weird. Microsoft’s Project SWARM (Sensing Whether Affect Requires Meditation) syncs to the SWARM app on a smartphone and heats up or vibrates based on certain modules. The Scarf is meant to be therapeutic for those with mental or physical disabilities. While the Scarf has some interesting capabilities, it seems Microsoft is trying too hard to stuff everything in it. It’s unlikely we’ll be seeing this product in Microsoft stores anytime soon.