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Wacky Wednesday: Read Your Dog’s Mind

Back in December 2013, Swedish-based company No More Woof made everyone write its product on their Christmas lists: A device that allowed you to understand what your dog was thinking.

Unfortunately, No More Woof was only in its prototype stages, but its future looked hopeful. nomowo

The product is a headset for your dog, like something a telemarketer might wear, that analyzed your dog’s brain waves.

The technology is a combination of electroencephalography (EEG) sensing, micro-computing and special brain-computer interface software. All mammals (humans included) process and transport thoughts the same way using electric signals through its neurosystem. EEG has already been able to be used on humans; EEG should be easy to use for dogs because animals are generally less complex, allowing for No More Woof to decipher phrases such as “This is splendid!” “Leave me alone” and many more. The only hiccup in the process is creating a headset that will comfortably fit a dog’s head and still be effective.


As of early 2014, the device can only translate your dog’s thoughts into English, but will soon be able to translate into Spanish, French and even Mandarin!

No More Woof is still seeking funding, you can donate on its website and even purchase a prototype!