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The Most Boring Virtual Reality Experiences

With the ungodly 2 billion dollar investment in Oculus Rift (virtual fist bump, Mark Zuckerberg) closing a few weeks back, the layperson must begin to ponder Facebook’s vision for the future of the virtual world. The second the word “virtual reality” crosses someone’s lips, an explosion of fantasy lands and wild scenery instantly race to mind. For me I choose to interpret virtual reality on a more entertaining level: real, dull, everyday events but happening on two tiny screens in front of my eyeballs. With this definition, the possibilities for mediocrity truly are limitless!

Every week I will do my best to provide the most “realistic” virtual reality experiences imaginable, and lucky you, be sharing them with you, dear reader. I fully endorse all of these experiences as 100% humdrum and invite any audacious Oculus developer to take a stab at creating them. Enjoy.

  1. A Trip to the Dentist
  2. The Happiest Place on Earth: The DMV
  3. Sitting in Traffic

Feel free to submit your own virtual reality experiences in the comments below.