Oculus Touch

Oculus Rift is leveling up the gaming experience

Oculus Rift announced yesterday it is bringing out hand-held controls called Oculus Touch. There are two controllers, which are both handheld and look like an Xbox One controller cut in half with the YX buttons and joystick on one and the AB buttons and second joystick on the other.

The two controllers allow users to “pick up” items in games, such as weapons, and utilize them the same way you would in real life (you can hold up and aim a gun in VR the same way you would in real life). The controllers also vibrate when you pick something up, making it seem heavy in your hand, like you’re actually pick something up.

The controllers are definitely an up-step in the world of handhelds, and could lead to further opportunities for VR outside of gaming. For now, this tech will make Halo a lot more realistic.

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