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Our New Deal

Here at Prizmiq, we want to make the Internet a better place. And while we don’t have the tools right now to delete all Internet trolls 5ever, we do want to provide a better customer experience for online retailing.

That’s why, for a limited time, we are offering quite a deal to five qualified shoe brands our services for free.

Yeah, free.

We will cover the cost of 3D imaging for your company’s top 10 most popular products. That means we will scan and render your products and they’ll look just as good as if you’d paid for our services. In exchange, we’d like an A/B test and a nominal revenue share based on the measured lift responsible from our 3D experience.

We’ll 3D image 10 of your top products. Imagine your baseline conversion rate for a particular product is 2% with traditional 2D photography. After conducting the A/B test we find that the same product equipped with our interactive 3D performed at a 2.8% conversion rate. We would only ask for 5% of that extra .8% increase in conversion on the 3D products to cover some of our fixed cost, and only that 5%.

What Prizmiq can do for your product:

  • High definition 3D imaging of your products,
  • Tight imaging turnaround times,
  • Zero plug-in integration
  • A feature rich viewer that let’s your customers interact, engage and even customize your products in real-time 3D.

How to participate:

  1. Send us 10 of your best selling products
  2. We image your products that week
  3. We send you the finished files for review
  4. Upon your approval, we begin our simple integration process
  5. Sit back, relax, and watch as your conversions rise and product returns fall


This is a limited time offer, and we want to help your businesses succeed. If you have any questions, e-mail Amaris at

The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

5 Things You Didn’t Know A StartUp Needed

After working as a startup for a good while now, we at Prizmiq wanted to pass on some of our tech-startup wisdom to you all. Here is a list of the Top 5 things you didn’t know your start up needed.

1. Windows

No, we’re not talking about Microsoft. We mean those actual glass squares in walls that allow sunlight in and can let you see what the weather is like without using AccuWeather or Weather Puppy. Windows allow natural light to keep your body awake and is way less glaring than fluorescents. It also gives everyone in the office a chance to say “Hey, it’s nice out, let’s work outside.” The camaraderie that blooms when the sun comes out makes for excellent office morale.

The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

2. Office Dog(s)

While this employee won’t be on your payroll, a canine HR rep can boost office morale. Bringing them in also encourages brief 5-10 minute stretches and exercising to take the dog out. Most office spaces don’t allow dogs, however, so make sure you find a space that’s dog-friendly. Also, keep them in a separate room during meetings with investors or prospects.

3. A Watering Hole

Working at a startup can be stressful, so it’s important to blow off some steam either at a coffee place that knows your order by heart, a bar that knows your name or a restaurant with good cheap food. Make sure it’s within walking distance so everyone can go, but far enough away you won’t be forced to think only about the business.

4. Pump Up Playlist

Music has the power to put you in a good mood or bad one, depending on which genre you choose to listen to. Before an important pitch to investors, put on a playlist that instills confidence in your team so they can perform their best during the meeting.

5. Something to Distract You

Listicles and quizzes online can give you a mini break while working on projects. We hope this list brought you a brief moment of sanity from your hectic startup life, now get back to work!


Wingman: Allowing you to drink responsibly.

There’s a new app in the Apple app store called Wingman. And while the app’s direct use isn’t getting you laid (though that might happen) it will get you home safe.

When you go out to the bars for shots or hang out with friends wine and cheese night, Wingman is there to let you know your Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC. Basically, you type in what you’re drinking throughout the night and Wingman will give you an estimated BAC. You’ll get notifications such as “feeling it” in relation to your BAC while it keeps track of how many drinks you’ve had.

The app also works on smart watches, like the Apple Watch and Pebble Smart Watch so you don’t accidentally send embarrassing texts with your phone.

The app was developed by Bellevue-based Teku Industries, and will be released in the US this month. For May, the app will cost 99 cents, then it will be bumped up to $1.99, which is a small price to pay to make sure you don’t end up going home with Ryan Gosling and waking up to Steve Buscemi.

The Mini Goggles

The Mini and Augmented Reality

Mini cooper is creating an augmented reality headset. Yes, as in the car company, the same one where you can build your own car.

Mini’s new augmented reality headset will be worn while driving. Usually distracted driving is not legal, but mini assures its users the augmented reality will not obstruct any vehicles, lanes, markers, signs– you know, the things we’re supposed to pay attention to on the road.

Mini’s goggles are (ironically) not mini, clunky, looks-like-WW2-flying-goggles and are meant to be worn all the time. Yeah, all the time. The goggles are primarily meant for driving (obviously) but can be used outside the mini. An example of what they could be used for is an art gallery, which is to say you’ll see computer art, but in real life… kinda?

One of the many features of the Mini goggles is X-Ray View. Not in a cool, Superman, see-

Courtesy of DC Comics

Courtesy of DC Comics

through-shirts kind of X-Ray, but in a way that allows the user to see through the doors or blindspot, allowing them to see objects obstructed by the car.

All in all, these seem cool because augmented reality is rad, not because it can be used in a mini cooper.


It’s also less cool because the model for it is ridiculous disproportionate.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 2.21.09 PM

Is he 12 feet tall? What’s with his narrow legs? What’s going on here?

Prizmiq's website is an example of a mobile-friendly site

Be mobile, or be ignorable.

On Feb. 26, Google announced two big changes to its algorithms: mobile friendly sites will appear closer to the top in a search and search results will display relevant app content. These changes were made because Google users are more likely to search on mobile devices.  Today is the day the new algorithms are being launched.

However, this change can impact about 40% of Fortune 500 websites. According to a TechCrunch article, 44% of Fortune 500 company websites do not have mobile-friendly versions.

This could result in a huge decline in site visit and an increased bounce rate. About 43% of online searches are from a mobile devices, and if a site is unreadable no one will stay on it for too long.

prizmiq logo

Arc’teryx launch: all you need to know

SEATTLE, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Arc’teryx, one of the world’s most revered outdoor clothing and equipment brands, has launched its new line of hiking footwear today using Prizmiq’s 3D platform. With Prizmiq, Arc’teryx will allow online customers to engage with the Acrux² FL GTX Approach Shoe the same way they would in the Arc’teryx store. Some of the Acrux² FL GTX’s features that can now be viewed online are its unique removable liner, Vibram sole and other attributes that have positively influenced discerning buyers for years. Prizmiq is the perfect tool for casual shoppers and technical gear heads alike because Prizmiq’s 3D technology effectively provides all the benefits of meticulously examining a new product without having to set foot in a retail store.

“Prizmiq is the most advanced tool for shopping on the web,” said Prizmiq CEO Darrick Morrison. “Prizmiq gives the user a far more immersive and intuitive way to engage with online merchandise compared to 360 (degree) spin photography or even product videos. We’ve built a better mousetrap and it perfectly suits the needs of the modern consumer.”

One of the best parts about this tech is it doesn’t require any plug-ins or downloads. The 3D shoe loads instantly, then you’re able to interact with it as you please. This breakthrough in online product presentation is all made possible by WebGL, a 3D renderer that is enabled by default on every modern browser and device. Morrison states one of the major reasons consumers haven’t seen retailers use 3D in the past is because the quality has not been good enough, load times weren’t fast enough and WebGL wasn’t enabled on all browsers and devices.

Before Prizmiq, this kind of 3D product imaging was typically done by big digital marketing agencies and cost anywhere from $10,000-100,000. The high cost made the technology relevant for only a select few luxury products like showcasing automotive interiors. Prizmiq costs a fraction of that, and offers certain add-ons like custom color authoring, a comprehensive analytics package and Points of Interest to tour different product features.

“When we started Prizmiq, our main goal was simply providing a high quality, in-store experience from the comfort of a consumer’s home,” Morrison said. “We weren’t going to settle with a pricey technology, so we pressed until we could offer affordable 3D technology for big and small brands alike. We can’t make the product better, but we can certainly enhance the buying experience.”

Prizmiq is offering its game changing service and platform for brands today, but have their eyes on the horizon. With Microsoft, HTC and Facebook’s virtual and augmented reality platforms coming out within the year, Prizmiq plans on integrating with these to take online shopping to the next level. Prizmiq has already created a demo for the Oculus rift which Prizmiq’s director of marketing, Will Brown, likens to “online shopping meets ‘Minority Report’.”

Prizmiq is here to transform the way we all shop online. To better understand Prizmiq’s technology, one needs to experience it. Clickhere to see the 3D tech in action or follow this link:

Press Kit:

See the article on PR Newswire here

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.32.59 PM

ARWatch: The app that lets you wear the Apple Watch

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.32.59 PM

The ARWatch app in action, showing the Apple Watch in augmented reality. Watch the video: Courtesy of AppleInsider.

Have you ever wanted to see how the Apple Watch looked on your wrist but not actually use it? Now you can with the free app ARWatch.

The app, developed by Underside, a Belgian IT firm, allows you to see what the Apple Watch would look like on your wrist by using augmented reality.

After downloading the app from the developer’s site, you have to print out a paper target and attach it to your wrist. Then, you can try on a 38mm or 42mm Watch models and change the colors of the bands.

While you can’t actually see how the watch works, it is nifty to see the size of it on your wrist. Not many of the videos or pictures of the Watch online show it to scale, so ARWatch is able to solve that problem.

To see the app in action, watch the video. Don’t be phased by the weird iMovie music accompanying it or that the AR seems like witchcraft.

Courtesy of YouTube user FullMag

YouTube’s going all around

These are screen shots of a balloon ride. You can see that moving the camera is easy to do, as I moved to different angles at each second. Courtesy of YouTube user FullMag

These are screen shots of a balloon ride. You can see that moving the camera is easy to do, as I moved to different angles at each second. Courtesy of YouTube user FullMag

Multi-angled videos are the newest craze sweeping the net and YouTube is jumping on.

YouTube has become more immersive by allowing 360 degree videos to stream on its site, much like Google Earth. The videos are a bit buggy and seem like stop motion, but are still fun to watch, especially when we’re able to see the entire environment.

Seeing a 360 degree view of the video is fairly intuitive- there is a control pad in the top left corner, again, much like Google Earth, that allows you to navigate throughout the video. You can also click on the video and rotate around. This is easier to do, and provides higher quality images, when you pause the video rather than moving around while the video is moving.

Courtesy of YouTube user FullMag

Courtesy of YouTube user FullMag

How are these videos actually filmed? These 360 degree cameras can cost around $300, but costs are expected to go down if YouTube’s 1 billion users become interested in this tech.

Right now, these videos are available to be seen on Android devices and HTML5 browsers, but iOS capability is on the way.

There are six 360 degree videos on YouTube right now, including one involving a flying couch reminiscent of the movie Rubber. It can be disconcerting to move around and get a full look of a scene, especially when jump cuts happen every five to six seconds, like when you’re checking out a green field and then are suddenly staring at the roof of an amphitheater.

Courtesy of YouTube user FullMag

Courtesy of YouTube user FullMag

All in all, this is the way technology is going and it is pretty cool to boot. If you get motion sickness easily, though, then stick to single-angle videos.


Acrux2 FI

We’re Live!

screen shot acrux2Our friends at Arc’teryx launched our 3D experience on to their website yesterday and the Acrux² FL GTX looks great! You can zoom in on the tread and see the precise stitching on the liner. This is definitely the shoe to wear when you’re out adventuring. Its liner conforms to your foot’s shape and the lightweight shoe is durable to rock, snow and ice. Be sure to see their other shoes, such as Acrux FL GTX and Bora² Mid GTX Hiking Boot.