Sherpa gear jacket in prizmiq

How To Get Set Up With prizmiq

Key prizmiq Benefits:

3D Scanning

Once you have shipped us your products, we will receive them into our scanning facility where we will capture photorealistic, fully-textured, and to-scale 3D models of your products. The models will be processed, rendered and optimized for maximum web viewability and presentation in the prizmiq viewer.


Integrating prizmiq is a breeze with all shopping cart platforms or homegrown systems. Our technical integration team can help you with the details of rolling out your new interactive 3D display on your ecommerce site, whether we set it up on your system or you prefer to set it up yourself.


Pricing for prizmiq is two-fold. We charge a fee for scanning your items as well as a monthly license fee for our interactive 3D viewer. Your specific scanning and licensing fees will depend on a few factors. Please reach out for a custom quote.