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The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

5 Things You Didn’t Know A StartUp Needed

After working as a startup for a good while now, we at Prizmiq wanted to pass on some of our tech-startup wisdom to you all. Here is a list of the Top 5 things you didn’t know your start up needed.

1. Windows

No, we’re not talking about Microsoft. We mean those actual glass squares in walls that allow sunlight in and can let you see what the weather is like without using AccuWeather or Weather Puppy. Windows allow natural light to keep your body awake and is way less glaring than fluorescents. It also gives everyone in the office a chance to say “Hey, it’s nice out, let’s work outside.” The camaraderie that blooms when the sun comes out makes for excellent office morale.

The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

The more it looks like an Ewok, the better.

2. Office Dog(s)

While this employee won’t be on your payroll, a canine HR rep can boost office morale. Bringing them in also encourages brief 5-10 minute stretches and exercising to take the dog out. Most office spaces don’t allow dogs, however, so make sure you find a space that’s dog-friendly. Also, keep them in a separate room during meetings with investors or prospects.

3. A Watering Hole

Working at a startup can be stressful, so it’s important to blow off some steam either at a coffee place that knows your order by heart, a bar that knows your name or a restaurant with good cheap food. Make sure it’s within walking distance so everyone can go, but far enough away you won’t be forced to think only about the business.

4. Pump Up Playlist

Music has the power to put you in a good mood or bad one, depending on which genre you choose to listen to. Before an important pitch to investors, put on a playlist that instills confidence in your team so they can perform their best during the meeting.

5. Something to Distract You

Listicles and quizzes online can give you a mini break while working on projects. We hope this list brought you a brief moment of sanity from your hectic startup life, now get back to work!


Wingman: Allowing you to drink responsibly.

There’s a new app in the Apple app store called Wingman. And while the app’s direct use isn’t getting you laid (though that might happen) it will get you home safe.

When you go out to the bars for shots or hang out with friends wine and cheese night, Wingman is there to let you know your Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC. Basically, you type in what you’re drinking throughout the night and Wingman will give you an estimated BAC. You’ll get notifications such as “feeling it” in relation to your BAC while it keeps track of how many drinks you’ve had.

The app also works on smart watches, like the Apple Watch and Pebble Smart Watch so you don’t accidentally send embarrassing texts with your phone.

The app was developed by Bellevue-based Teku Industries, and will be released in the US this month. For May, the app will cost 99 cents, then it will be bumped up to $1.99, which is a small price to pay to make sure you don’t end up going home with Ryan Gosling and waking up to Steve Buscemi.